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The Atlanta Police Foundation plans to build a facility to train police in urban warfare tactics.

“To be precise, Cop City isn’t merely a controversial training center. It’s a base where police will practice military maneuvers and control our movements. It includes shooting ranges, plans for bomb testing, and tear gas deployment drills. Their aim? Ensuring poor and working-class individuals remain subdued. When another incident like Rayshard Brooks’ death in 2020 occurs, they’ll control our protests and community’s response to their continuous aggression.” – Kwame Olufemi, Community Movement Builders

The plans showcase military-grade training facilities, a mock city for urban warfare practice, explosives testing areas, numerous shooting ranges, and a Black Hawk helicopter landing pad.

Learn more about the facility here.



Atlanta boasts the highest tree canopy percentage of any major US metropolitan area. This canopy is pivotal for Atlanta’s resilience against climate change. The forest in Southeast Atlanta houses wetlands that filter rainwater and ward off flooding. It’s a haven for regional amphibians and a crucial migration site for wading birds.

This forest now faces the threat of being paved over as the police and Hollywood aim to replace Atlanta’s largest green space.

The Atlanta Police Department has plans to transform 300 acres of this forest into a tactical training compound with a mock city. This plan surprised the community, which hadn’t been consulted.

Adjacent to the Prison Farm is Intrenchment Creek, an existing public park. Dekalb County is considering trading this land to Ryan Millsap, the ex-owner of Blackhall Studios (now “Shadowbox Studios”), a major film production entity. Millsap and Shadowbox Studios aim to clear 170 acres of forest to construct America’s largest movie soundstage. Such a move would firmly position Atlanta as the new Hollywood, skyrocketing our city’s living costs. For more on the land swap and to support a lawsuit against Millsap, visit

Don’t let our forest be sacrificed for the police or be sold to Hollywood. There are numerous avenues for action and advocacy. Engage in whichever resonate with you.

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