The People’s RICO

After an extensive investigation, we’ve determined that there is an active criminal enterprise with clear intentions to extort and conspire to destroy our treasured South River Forest.

Watch the full press conference revealing the details of this criminal enterprise:

In a just world, violent police, along with their government and corporate backers, would be held accountable for the harm and terror they inflict.

But what if the world was more than just? What if its inhabitants were truly free?

Three years ago, George Floyd’s tragic death spurred millions worldwide to envision a world free from police, violence, racism, and anti-blackness. When Rayshard Brooks was killed in Atlanta, a once burned Wendy’s parking lot became a beacon of hope, symbolizing the birth of a new world from the ashes.

The fight for that world continues with the struggle to Stop Cop City. Join the fight to defend Weelaunee Forest!

While Weelaunee Forest might be in Georgia, this isn’t merely a local issue. If Cop City is built, another could be on its way to your community, or your local police might travel to Atlanta for training, adopting more violent tactics.

Around the world, people are standing up, sending a clear message: Cop City will never be built. Not in Atlanta. Not anywhere.